Worldwide Service

Spartan Offshore Drilling is expanding its area of operation. Contracts are currently being negotiated in the Middle East, Mexico and Southeast Asia. The equipment to fulfill these needs is being obtained through an aggressive new-build program.


ALERT:  Spartan Offshore Drilling, LLC has recently determined that unauthorized individuals are using its company information and logo without authority in an attempt to deceive individuals who may be seeking employment with Spartan Offshore Drilling.  This Company does not have an email account named or a fax number of 702-758-5703.  If  you are contacted through this email address or fax number, the communication is not from Spartan Offshore Drilling or any company working on its behalf.  Please contact the HR Department if there are any questions regarding the authenticity of any communication you receive; the HR Department can be contacted at 504-885-7449.

Pending the expansion into international markets as identified on the home page, resumes for international employment may be submitted by:

Fax: 504.456.6560


Mail: 516 JF Smith Avenue, Slidell, LA, 70460


Paul Butler, President
(Please do not send resumes/employment queries to this address)